National TV of India features IUCN in 'Biodiversity Special - Save our species'

On the occasion of International Biodiversity Day 2014, Doordarshan - the national TV channel of India produced a documentary to highlight the importance and challenges facing biodiversity conservation. The film titled Biodiversity Special - Save our species, also highlights the role of businesses and private sector in conservation and features interviews with PR Sinha, Country Representative IUCN India and representatives of major businesses in India.

To watch the film please follow the following links.

Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) Photo: Steve Winter

Government of India along with the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and GIZ launched the 'India Business Biodiversity Initiative' on 22 May to help address biodiversity loss, mitigate future risks to the environment and generate new opportunities in green markets. The day was marked by 12 private sector companies in India committing themselves to conservation and striving towards net positive impact on biodiversity. IUCN supports the initiative as a knowledge partner of the Government of India.

The IBBI aims to develop a strong business case for biodiversity conservation by drawing attention to the ways in which businesses and economic activities depend on ecosystem services. It will stress the integration of biodiversity concerns into operations and across industrial value chains which will ultimately offer a wide range of business benefits including gaining better access to capital, strengthening supply chains and meeting future regulatory commitments.

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