National mangrove plan revised

Fiji’s revised Mangrove Management Plan is expected to be presented to Cabinet next month following the endorsement from the National Mangrove Management Committee.

Mangrove nursery in Lami, Fiji. Photo: IUCN

The previous Mangrove Management Plan (MMP) was drawn up in 1985-6 through a joint project by the Fiji Government and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community and was used extensively by the Mangrove Management Committee (MMC) until its dissolution in 1994.

The MMC convened last month at IUCN Oceania to officially endorse the revised MMP.

"A Cabinet Paper for the Mangrove Management Plan will be circulated to all stakeholders for review and by next month, it should be making its way to cabinet,” says Ms Neema Nand of the MESCAL Fiji Project.

The revision of the MMP took about a year to complete. The work was an activity under IUCN Oceania’s Mangrove Ecosystems for Climate Change Adaptation and Livelihoods (MESCAL) Project, supported by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature and Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) under its International Climate Initiative.

The revised MMP is a milestone for mangrove management and conservation work in this country and everyone involved should be proud of what has been achieved,” says Regional MESCAL Project Manager Dr. Milika Sobey.

The MMP will act as a tool to administer, manage, facilitate and control conversion of mangroves within Fiji.

It is hoped that with Cabinet approval the MMP will be integrated in national development plans and strategies.

The revision of Fiji’s MMP was made possible through the collaboration of various stakeholders including several government ministries/departments and non-government organizations.

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