National mangrove campaign starts

IUCN Oceania, through the MESCAL project, is supporting Fiji's first national mangrove awareness campaign, which was launched on April 26, 2013.  

Government representatives planting mangrove seedlings at the campaign launch. Photo: IUCN

Fiji has the third largest area of mangroves in the South Pacific region with approximately 41,000 hectares of mangrove land.

The six month campaign aims to raise awareness on the ecological, communal and social importance of mangroves and targets urban and mangrove delta communities and government departments.

Activities include school and media outreach promoting the theme "My Mangrove, My Livelihood, Noqu Dogo, Noqu Bula”.

The campaign is a joint initiative of WWF South Pacific AusAid Building Resilience Program, MESCAL Fiji, Fiji's Mangrove Management Committee and Fiji's Department of Environment and Department of Lands.


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