National government endorses MWD work in Thailand

On 2 September, the National Working Group (NWG) for MWD Thailand met to discuss the project’s progress. Senator Surajit Chirawate,from the Thai Senate Standing Committee on Natural Resources and Environment (Sub-Committee on Water Resources), joined the NWG meeting as a chief guest.

Senate meet Thai National Working Group Photo: (c) IUCN Thailand/ Radda LARPNUN

Senator Chirawate supported the actions of the work undertaken by MWD and generously offered the assistance of his unit in the Senate for channeling policy recommendations from MWD to push forward policy decisions as well as mobilizing these policy recommendations into action.

In addition, the NWG members were updated on the progress of the compilation of the Tai Baan Research methodology guide book and the River Based Management assessment for MWD Thailand. The NWG members took the opportunity to also share project updates and plans for further actions for MWD.

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