National Committee to define the Union’s agenda in Zimbabwe

Soon after returning from the Congress the IUCN National Committee in Zimbabwe met to reflect on their experiences at the Congress and discuss a way forward for members’ activities in Zimbabwe. The members agreed to finalize the draft programme of work for IUCN in Zimbabwe and ensure that it links with the regional intersessional programme.

Zimbabwe members meeting

To increase the visibility of IUCN in Zimbabwe, members also agreed to engage the media in showcasing their work not as individual organizations but collectively as IUCN Zimbabwe National Committee. The members expressed their willingness to ensure that membership engagement becomes a reality for IUCN ESARO by pledging to contribute to the finalization of the region’s intersessional programme for 2009-2012. They encouraged each other to read and research on the environmental conservation “hotspots” in order to ensure that the environmental issues that are affecting the region as a whole, and Zimbabwe in particular, are reflected in the IUCN regional programme. For more information, please contact the Chair of Zimbabwe National Committee on

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