Namibian Youth at IUCN World Conservation Congress Conservation Campus

Namibian youth will co-facilitate a Conservation Campus event, "Secrets to influencing climate resilient decision making," with CEC Steering Committee member Juliane Zeidler at the IUCN World Conservation Congress.


Hilma Angula Photo: Hilma Angula

As young members of the IUCN Communication on Education Commission (CEC) we are all eagerly waiting for the IUCN World Conservation Congress in September 2012. But what are we really waiting for? What messages are we planning to take with us? Well, we are promising young scientists who have contributed to many new exciting innovative activities in Namibia over the past year, including founding the Namibian Youth Coalition on Climate Change (NYCCC) . The youth demographic makes up more than half of the world’s population. Effective communication which incites action among the youth is of utmost importance, especially in the context that youth often drive change and innovation.

We were fortunate enough to be sponsored by NAMDEB, a Namibian diamond mining institution, to attend the Congress. We are hoping to not only bring tothe table what we do but also learn about environmental issues worldwide and how the vibrant and energetic youth are tackling them, through discussions at various event sessions at the Congress.

We are co-facilitators of the Conservation Campus: “Secrets to influencing climate resilient decision making” together with Dr Juliane Zeidler, CEC Regional Vice Chair for Eastern and Southern Africa and an elected nominee for global chairmanship of the Commission. This session will give the world leaders hints to inducing attitude and behaviour change, therefore influencing climate change resilience decision making --- because climate change is a reality that can only be effectively addressed in Namibia and elsewhere if policy and decision-makers take actions and create a supportive decision-making environment for national responses.

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