IV International Seminar on Mountain Tourism

Kudowa Zdrój (Poland)22 – 25 October 2009

organised by:

International Friends of Nature
Polish Tourist Country Lovers’ Society – Cracow Academic Section
Institute of Tourism and Recreation, Academy of Physical Education, Cracow

In co-operation with: Góry Stołowe National Park (The Sudetes)

Natura 2000 is certainly the most ambitious project ever undertaken in the field of nature protection not only in Europe, but world-wide. However, this project was initiated over 15 years ago and, although more than 20,000 sites are now included, it remains to be completed. Similarly, despite a plethora of conferences and seminars on this topic, several aspects of the management and activity of Natura 2000 areas are not recognized properly. In addition, public awareness of Natura 2000 is still at a low level, even in the so-called “old member states” of the EU. Among the aspects worthy of further consideration are:

  • the use of Natura 2000 areas for tourism and recreation and the role of NGOs' and local communities in preparing management plans for them.

Our primary concern lies with Natura 2000 areas located in mountains, as they often combine attractive landscapes and other heritage features with high levels of tourism and recreation. For these reasons the organisers have decided to invite people involved in the various aspects of this complex topic to present and discuss positive and negative examples from different mountain regions, in which ever biogeographical region they may be situated, out of which some general conclusions might be formulated.

 The objectives of the Seminar are to exchange information, experience and ideas on topics which include:

  • relations between Natura 2000 and other protected areas ( nature reserves, national and landscape parks );
  • preparing management plans for mountainous Natura 2000 areas;
  • the role of the societies active in mountain tourism in the management of Natura 2000 areas;
  • new trends in mountain tourism and the evolution of protected areas management;
  • identifying NGOs’ dealing with tourism in the mountains;
  • the reasons why conflicts sometimes occurs between protected area authorities and NGO’s;
  • co-operation between Natura 2000 areas which straddle national frontiers;
  • case studies of positive and negative examples.

In addition, the Seminar will provide participants with an opportunity to visit the Góry Stołowe National Park (PL) and Broumowsko Landscape Park (CZ), which also happen to be Natura 2000 sites. Both parks are situated in a sandstone mountain massif which abounds with fantastic rock formations. It is an area of exceptional bio-cultural diversity and with more than two hundred years history of mountain tourism and nature protection.


The organisers invite participation from all people with an involvement or interest in mountain tourism – natural as well as cultural – including: Natura 2000, parks and biosphere reserves managers responsible for tourism and environmental education, activists and managers of societies interested in mountain tourism, mountain guides, tour leaders, interpreters, rangers, scientists, writers and journalists interested in mountain issues from all over the world.

Call for papers:

Participants are kindly invited to submit papers, posters or any other kind of presentation related to the theme of the Seminar. Papers, accepted by the Editorial Committee, will be published in the post-conference Report.

Draft programme of the Seminar:

22 October

Afternoon: Arrival and registration of participants
Opening ceremony, Informal „potlach” dinner, accompanied by mountain songs.

23 October

All day: Field excursion, presentation of the adjoining Natura 2000 areas and discussion of conference topics.

24 October

All day: Plenary session and discussion in working groups.
Evening: informal party.

25 October

Morning: Plenary session: reports from the working groups, general discussion, adoption of a declaration
Noon: Close of Seminar.

The working language of the Seminar will be English

Hotel “Gwarek”, Kudowa Zdrój (130 km from Wroclaw, 160 km from Prague.

The cost of the participation is: 195 Euro per person

Price includes: accommodation in twin room, full board, participation in sessions and field excursion, conference materials, etc.

Accompanying persons pay 175 Euro.

All colleagues wishing to participate or to be informed about further details are requested to send an e-mail or fax to:

Christian Baumgartner –; fax: ++43 1 8129789

or Piotr Dabrowski –; fax: ++48 12 4231697

indicating: name, surname, e-mail address and represented institution/society/protected area/company/media organisation. The organisers will forward full details and a registration form.

We look forward to seeing you in Kudowa Zdrój!

Dr. Christian Baumgartner – International Friends of Nature, Secretary General

Dr. Piotr Dąbrowski – PTTK, Cracow, Academic Section, Commission of Nature Protection, Chairman

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Protected Areas
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