Monitoring and evaluating the Mali Livelihoods and Landscapes Strategy (LLS): meeting of partners

The semi-annual participatory monitoring and evaluation meeting of the Landscape and Livelihoods Strategy (LLS) was held in Boré in Mali from 24th to 27th March, 2010. Its objective was to validate the monitoring and evaluation plan, encourage discussions and sharing of outputs of the programme in 2009, and prepare 2010 plan.

Participants: réunion de suivi-évaluation LLS MALI

In all, 54 persons including 10 women from partner organizations and institutions of the LLS programme took part in the meeting. During the deliberations, communities described the process of formulating the theory of change in the Kelba zone; participants reviewed the issues of monitoring and evaluation, and validated the databases. They were also informed about the main action points for the year 2010.

Based on the information produced during the workshop, the monitoring protocol of LLS Mali was completed.

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Work area: 
Locally Controlled Forests
West and Central Africa
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