Story | 21 Jul, 2015

The Monaco Ocean Acidification Action Plan

Heralding the next era of action on ocean acidification

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Photo: © IUCN

Ocean Acidification presents a very real threat to all those depending on the sea and its resources around the world in the coming decades. My interest in this issue goes back many years. In 2008 I hosted the Second International Symposium on The Ocean in a High-CO2 World in Monaco. That meeting was part of a process that continues today to transform awareness of ocean acidification and its inclusion as a key issue in global policy discussions. It has been a busy decade of bringing ocean chemistry and marine biology disciplines closer together, as well as forging new and vital links with a wide range of individuals and organizations to alert them to this component of human-driven global change, and to invite them to urgently help spread knowledge and awareness within their communities.
As I reflect on the past decade, and look towards the next one, I realize the need to continue to build our scientific knowledge, to ensure climate policy fully embraces the need to act on ocean acidification, as well as the need to redouble our efforts to ‘get ahead’ of the acidification curve. I also now realize we need to consider ocean acidification knowledge alongside other major ocean stressors such as warming, overfishing and deoxygenation. The time to act is running out. With these new challenges in mind I am delighted to see this Action Plan developed through work supported by my Foundation. I renew my call for working together closer to tackle what is now one of the most significant ocean challenges of our generation.

- HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco