In Memoriam: Svitlana Kravchenko

The Environmental Law Programme mourns a great friend:

Svitlana Kravchenko died at 62, a few days after a heart attack, in Eugene (Oregon). 

Svitlana Kravchenko

She will be remembered by the environmental law community first as a pioneer of environmental law in her country, as the founder and president of the first public interest law firm in Ukraine; many achievements followed. Her role in connection with the creation and implementation of the Aarhus Convention is one of the most well-known: she served over 10 years on the Compliance Committee of the Convention, and was a keen advocate and supporter of international and national action related to the implementation of Rio Principle 10.

She was also a beloved teacher, first at Lviv National University in Ukraine, and later at the University of Oregon in the USA, where she was Director of the LL.M in Environmental and Natural Resources Law. She saw her profession and role in mentoring young people as the most rewarding career she could think of.

Svitlana also contributed significantly to the IUCN Environmental Law Programme, in a variety of ways and functions. She was Vice Chair of the Commission on Environmental Law for a number of years, and later on remained in touch with CEL, while also contributing to a number of activities and projects of the Environmental Law Centre. More recently, she has been active in the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law, and received the Academy’s Senior Scholarship Prize.

We will all miss her enthusiasm and firm commitments, and above all, for her great sense of global solidarity.

Svitlana was a prolific scholar, writing more than 190 scientific (academic) articles and publishing 8 books, the most recent of which is Human Rights and the Environment with her husband John Bonine as co-author; he will continue the LL.M Program that she started.

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ELAW interview with Svitlana in 2009

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Environmental Law
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