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 To mark the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the Middle East Airlines, and to maintain MEA’s contribution to green spaces, the launching of the “Middle East Airlines Cedar Forest” in the Shouf Biosphere Reserve was celebrated in May 20, 2015. The MEA Cedar forest will be part of the ecological corridor that connects both eastern and western sides of the reserve.

Middle East Airlines Cedar Forest

 During the celebration 70 Cedar trees were planted in Ainzhalta - Bmohray Forest. The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Agriculture Mr. Akram Chehayeb, and the General Director of Middle East Airlines Mr. Mohammed El Hout, and Chairman of the AlShouf Cedar Society Mr. Charles Njaim, SBR’s and MEA’s team, inaddtion to municipalities, mayors of neighboring villages, and the representatives of environmental associations and protected areas.

The manager of the Shouf Biosphere Reserve, Mr. Nizar Hani, talked about the restoration plan that aims at creating an ecological corridor connecting the eastern and western sides of the reserve that gives priority to the regeneration of relic cedar forests and native species…Then Mr. Charles Njaim assured that MEA has a long green history in supporting the ecological processes, and noted that today the initiative has started by planting 70 Cedars and will continue by planting other 7,000 Cedar trees and 7,000 other native species.

The Minister of Agriculture added that MEA, the national flag-carrier airline of Lebanon, holds the Cedar tree to everywhere and now is planting 70 Cedar trees in the Shouf Biosphere Reserve, and will complete this initiative by planting more trees in other Protected Areas as Tanourrine, Ehden, Bsharry and Jaj. Thanks were extended to the MEA for participating in the reforestation of the ecological corridor that the Ministry of Environment and the SBR have been working closely to restore and maintain it.

After that Mr. Mohamad El Hout, General Director of MEA, praised the continuous efforts done to protect the Cedar forest stands in Lebanon, for its not only to stay as an emblem on the airplanes… He assured that MEA is committed to continuously supporting the ecological processes and planting more and more Cedar trees… At the end of the ceremony, within the program of “Adopt a Cedar”, a Cedar tree was planted bearing the name of Mr. Mohamad El Hout.

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