Members in the news: Implementing the new hunting law in Syria

Under the patronage of H.E Eng. Ahmed Qaderi, Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform (MAAR) and in cooperation with the Syrian Society for the Conservation of Wildlife (SSCW) and in collaboration with Regional Migratory Soaring Birds Project, a workshop was held under title “Training Hunters and executive cadre & staff to implement the updated hunting law” at MAAR meeting hall, Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic, on May,10th,2015.

Implementing the new hunting law in Syria

40 participant representatives from concerned government parties (MAAR), Ministry of State for Environment Affairs (MSEA), Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Higher Education), in addition to several hunters and the local community representatives and SSCW members, welcomed by keynotes speeches by Eng. Ahmad kadish (Deputy Minister of MAAR), mr. Osama Al Nouri MSB regional coordinator, and dr. Nazer Khalil SSCW Board Member have focused on Hunting in Syria.

Training procedures and the future prospects for proposing new areas for hunting and supporting responsible hunting activities, and critical problems in this sector were discussed and identified as:

- The importance of updating existing hunting laws; there is an urgent need for updating the old hunting laws in order to be in line with the related international conventions and changes. It was added that the new law was developed including all aspects guaranteeing organizing hunting to be sustainable and at the same time to protect wildlife, however, the executing measures for applying the new law are under development.
- Sustainable hunting areas (SHA) are demonstrating the important Biodiversity and hunting areas in Syria, Identification of hunting and sustainable hunting, conditions and criteria of establishing (SHA), hunting seasons and hunting organization.
- Hunting clubs and Wildlife Breeding Centres; the objectives of establishing sustainable hunting clubs and wildlife breeding centres. It was added that hunting clubs mean qualified hunters who have a big role in protecting wildlife species and organizing hunting. Breeding Centres are targeting both quarry species for hunters and threatened species and potentially threatened species.
- Awareness and education importance; the importance of environmental awareness and education relating to biodiversity conservation and sustainability. It focues on hunting from a sustainability perspective and on the theme of biodiversity international day "Biodiversity for sustainable development" and the slogen of UN decade till 2020 which is "to live in harmony with nature".
- Current Status of Al Talilah PA- in Palmyra; the situation and conditions of the PA and the threats it is facing under the ongoing unrest in the country and the actions taken to keep the PA management running.
-Current status of Bald Ibis PA in Palmyra; the achievements of the PA work team, Difficulties and challenges facing the conservation of the rare species of Bald Ibis under the current unrest in the country.

Discussions and recommendations:

The necessity of issuing new hunting laws and qualifying capable cadre to apply the law to reach and apply sustainable hunting approach as well awareness and education.

- Urgent need for issuing the new hunting law and its rules of procedures and the executing regulations and measures.
- Strengthen pollution control measures in important bird areas.
- Qualification of national cadre to apply the new law.
- Establishment of wildlife breeding centres.

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