Members in the news: Environmental Citizenship Program Celebrating 13 Years of Launching ”My Environment Unit”

 Environmental Citizenship Program Celebrating 13 Years of Launching ”My Environment Unit” 243 teachers and 2,632 children were trained.

BWA - My Environmental Unit

 Out of love, respect and appreciation to this blue globe ''planet Earth'', the program celebrated International Earth Day with number of kindergartens that applied My Environment Unit in the past years as well as this year expressing their love and care for the mother earth.

The event was full of various activities for children focusing and stressing on the concept of conserving the Mother Earth resources and our role to carry this mission, these activities came along this year’s slogan of International Earth Day, ''It is your turn to lead''.

It is worth noting that the Unit was launched in 2002, conducted over 60 ToT workshops for 234 teachers. Around 2,632 children benefited from the activities and concepts presented thereto. Testimonies from both parents and teachers ascertain how these children’s views and relations progressed and deepened towards nature and its resources.

“My Environment Unit” is a distinctive environmental curriculum taught in kindergartens for children ageing between 3 to 5 years old. It helps the children in learning simple environmental concepts that raises their environmental awareness at this early age. The unit consists of several activities relating to linguistic, cognition, sensorial, art, social and science.

Environmental Citizenship Program hopes to maintain active and effective communication with kindergartens on national and regional levels to achieve the common goal of building a bright and beautiful future and a long life on our plant ''Earth''.

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