Members of the IUCN Pakistan National Committee elect new Chairperson

The Pakistan National Committee (PNC) of IUCN members elected Mr. Mohammad Tahseen as the new Chairperson, PNC in its election of the Executive Committee of the PNC.

Mohammad Tahseen. Photo: IUCN Pakistan

A strong believer of civil liberties, Mohammad Tahseen is known for his grass roots advocacy work in civil society circles of South Asia. He has been actively engaged in various international networks and movements on peace, ecology, democracy and human rights. He is a founding member of South Asia Partnership-Pakistan which is a leading national NGO in Pakistan working for social, political and economic empowerment of the weakest, especially peasants, women and religious minorities.

Other elected members of the Executive Committee are: Ms. Samina Khan from the Sungi Development Foundation and Dr. Rashid Bajwa from the National Rural Support Programme.

The Executive Committee, which comprises of the Chair, the Regional Councillor (Mr. Javed Jabbar) and the two elected members will elect a Vice Chair from amongst its members as well as co-opt remaining (two) members to bring about gender, regional and institutional balance.

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