Members, Commissions and Experts of The World Conservation Union gather in Tehran for The 6th Regional Conservation Forum (RCF)

Around 80 IUCN members representing governments and civil societies from the West Asia, Central Asia and North Africa region are gathering in Tehran – Iran during May 22-25, 2007 to develop the regional conservation agenda.

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This agenda will then be used to influence the global conservation trends through the IUCN 4th World Conservation Congress which will gather IUCN members around the world. Participants will discuss recent priorities and ideas related to Community Centered Conservation and sustainable development in the region during The 6th Regional Conservation Forum (RCF) organized by The World Conservation Union – IUCN, West Asia, Central Asia & North Africa (WESCANA) Regional Office and the Iranian Department of Environment (DoE).

The main aim of this forum is to provide members of the Union and the wider conservation community, with an opportunity to prepare for an effective regional participation in the Barcelona Congress. This is the only chance that members can take to submit draft motions they might wish to propose to the Congress. The forum will focus on the theme "Community Centered Conservation: Linking Local & Global Knowledge". Participants will be updated on recent preparations of the Congress and an update on the IUCN Global Programme 2009-2012 that will focus on the latest conservation trends that IUCN should pay attention to in the upcoming years, such as Climate Change, Renewable Energy, and Poverty Reduction and Security.

An extensive debate will be devoted during the forum on issues of community based conservation that are of particular importance to the region, specifically through the thematic technical sessions on Protected Areas, Ecosystem Goods and Services in Drylands, Waqf for Sustainable Development, as well as Gender, Equity & Poverty. Sub-regional groups from West Asia, North Africa, and Central Asia will be formed to discuss main issues, gaps and priorities for their specific sub-regions. A field trip will be organized on the last day of the forum by the Iranian government to one of the important protected areas in Iran.

For more information, please contact Ms. Rania Faouri, Communications Officer at: [email protected]

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