Meeting of the German Society for Orthopterology (DGfO)

The 13th meeting of the German Society for Orthopterology (DGfO) takes place from 28th to 30th of March 2014 in Salzburg (Austria). The congress is organized by the "Haus der Natur".

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The DGfO organizes its congress every two years to discuss recent research on grasshoppers, crickets and bush-crickets. This year, the congress is hosted for the first time by Austrian Orthopterists. On the first day, Thomas Fartmann and Dominik Poniatowski will present an evening lecture on the Orthoptera fauna of the Pyrenees. Other talks will deal with the Orthoptera fauna of Greece, France, Austria and Switzerland, with the effects of land use and climate change on Orthoptera or with the problem of hybridization between rare and common grasshoppers.

Axel Hochkirch, chair of the IUCN SSC Grasshopper Specialist Group and chair of the IUCN SSC Invertebrate Conservation Sub-Committee will present a talk on international trends in the conservation of grasshoppers, bush-crickets and crickets. After the congress, an excursion to the "Rainberg" will take place.

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