Meet an inspiring new generation of conservationists!

Young people all over the world are active for conserving nature, in and around protected areas. Many of them played an active role in the 2014 IUCN World Parks Congress in Sydney. Here, we portray some of them, acknowledging their leadership and inspiring work.

Balaji explaining kayking as a new way to explore local nature

Sixteen young Canadians played an active and leading role in the Congress as Global Youth Ambassadors. They are now back home and bring diverse perspectives on protected areas and relationships with nature to Canada, and continue their inspiring work.

Vedharajan Balaji is a young conservationist from India, with an incredible amount of energy and determination for protecting nature. In an interview, he explains how Che Guevara inspired him to go on a motorcycle journey, to better understand the socio-economic reality of his region. He know works with communities and students to restore mangrove forests.

Max Jenes, winner of the International Young Conservationist Award 2014, works with the PAMS Foundation to protect Tanzania’s elephants from poaching. Here, he explains what inspires him to continue this risky work at the frontlines of conservation.

Tiwonge I Mzumara-Gawa from Malawi is a pioneer of ornithology, a research field which had received almost no attention in Malawi, before Tiwonge took to it. For her work in assessing threatened species and important bird areas (IBAs), she has been granted the International Young Conservationist Award 2014, together with Max and other young leaders.


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