MEET celebrates 3 years of ecotourism achievements in the Mediterranean

 Today the MEET team is closing in Barcelona the 3 years of activities in the last public event of the “Mediterranean Experience of Eco-Tourism” project, co-funded by the EU Cross Border Cooperation ENPI CBC MED Programme. Over two days, from 10-11th December, two events took place: the MEET Final Conference and the Advisory Panel on Ecotourism (APE) workshop.


The events are hosted by the Generalitat de Catalunya Sustainability Department and involves the MEET Network: 25 parks 9 institutions from 8 countries (Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Malta, Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia), along with special guest speakers such as international tour operator Greenspot Travel, sustainable tourism consultants Sustainable Travel International and representatives from the Europarc Federation and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

The main achievement of the MEET project has been the establishment of the “MEET Network,” a set of partnerships across private and public sectors, whereby protected area managers and tour operators work together to coordinate the “MEET Ecotourism Catalogue”. The Final Conference was an opportunity to showcase the main achievements, as well as the good practices that emerged from the project. Contributions from similar projects and experiences in the Mediterranean and abroad, such as MARTI: the Meso-American Reef Tourism Initiative will be presented, along with ideas for the follow up of this initiative.

On the second day, the Advisory Panel on Ecotourism workshop was an opportunity to develop a strategic ecotourism guidelines document in collaboration with relevant national and regional experts and policy makers, with the hope to influence and create positive change for ecotourism policy in the Mediterranean region.


For further information, please contact: Carla Danelutti

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