A Mediterranean wish for 2016

From everyone in the IUCN Mediterranean Office, we wish to express our thanks to everyone, Members, donors, supporters, partners, and friends, who has been involved in what has been a truly fruitful year.

IUCN-Med Christmas card

New projects started such as valuing key biodiversity areas through the involvement of civil society organisations in North Africa and developing conservation actions for plants and habitats in South and East of the Mediterranean. We finished other projects such as the MEET focused on sustainable ecotourism package for protected areas in the region or the biodiversity assessment for more than 500 invertebrates.

In 2016 we will continue exploring marine protected areas as nature based solutions, promoting the IUCN Green List of Protected Areas and the Red List of Ecosystems in the Mediterranean while supporting the Barcelona Convention and fostering a network of environmental journalists and communicators in the region.

We appreciate their support and great contributions and we hope to continue striving for sustainable livelihoods and biodiversity conservation through innovative cooperation and partnerships.

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