Story | 16 May, 2012

Mediterranean Seagrass Meadows: Resilience and Contribution to Climate Change Mitigation

Pergent G., Bazairi H., Bianchi C.N., Boudouresque C.F., Buia M.C., Clabaut P., Harmelin-Vivien M., Mateo M.A., Montefalcone M., Morri C., Orfanidis S., Pergent-Martini C., Semroud R., Serrano O., Verlaque M. (2012)

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Photo: IUCN-Med

This document is a summary of the technical report on the current state of affairs in the Mediterranean basin. It describes the specific characteristics of the Mediterranean Sea and the phenemenon of climate change observed on the scale of this particular region. It then presents five species of Magnoliophyta documented in its waters.

Secondly, it describes the impact of climate change on Mediterranean seagrasses, firstly with regard to the pressures to which they are subjected and their resilience to them and, secondly, to the communities associated with the marine environments they form.

The last part of the document is devoted to the role played by seagrass meadows in the mitigation of the consequences of climate change, in respect of extreme weather events and the fixation and sequestration of blue carbon.