Managing water across boundaries _ Share

Transboundary rivers are increasingly being drawn upon to meet the needs of growing popula-tions and economies.  This increased pressure on the available water resources sharpens competing demands between countries, rural and urban areas, different user groups, and the river ecosystems themselves.  The challenge is to balance these competing demands in a way that is equitable and sustainable for present and future generations.

Managing water across boundaries _ Share Photo: Managing water across boundaries _ Share

Promoting peaceful cooperation and developing synergies between different users of water at all levels within and between states, is a global challenge.  The importance of strengthening riparian relations and the need for cooperative management of shared water resources are growing, and all against a backdrop of considerable climatic uncertainty.This book presents practical tools for conceptualizing and implementing cooperative, participatory management of shared water resources.  It stresses the importance of information, communication, institutions and adaptability.  It points to the range of benefits from water management and develop-ment that can be derived cooperatively, and must be shared equitably. 

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