The Management of Tropical Moist Forest Lands: Ecological Guidelines

Second edition

Author(s): Poore, Duncan ; Sayer, Jeffrey
IUCN, Forest Conservation Programme
Published: 1991
ISBN: 2-8317-0071-X
The Management of Tropical Moist Forest Lands: Ecological Guidelines:  cover Photo: IUCN

Gland : IUCN, 1991. viii, 69p. : ill.

A comprehensive guide to fundamental ecological principles in tropical moist forest lands. This edition has been revised to encompass our increased knowledge and understandings of the complexities of forest management. It addresses the cross-cutting issues: the effects of government policies, land allocation and infrastructure development in forest lands. An analysis is made regarding various forest uses: forests for wood, forests for agriculture and forests for nature conservation and environmental protection.

Note: Library also has 1st edition. Includes bibliographic references.

Published in French in 1993.
La gestion des régions forestières tropicales humides : directives écologiques

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