Maldives Marine News - March 2014

With more sea than land, with over 1000 vastly dispersed islands barely above sea level, the nation of the Maldives is intrinsically connected to its marine environment. Keeping this habitat attractive and healthy is key to sustaining the tourism industry, the fisheries, the physical integrity and the natural heritage of the archipelago.

Maldives Newsletter - March 2014

Read our newsletter to discover some fascinating wildlife; to learn about how children engage in the protection of the largest shark in the ocean or become dedicated researchers; to understand how resort marine biologists make a difference – from protecting dolphins to inspire solutions to the country’s waste disposal problems; and how protecting natural coastal ecosystems and monitoring corals can help protect the country from the impacts of climate change. Get inspired by these stories from people passionate about the Maldives!

Work area: 
Coral Reefs
Climate Change
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