Malaga invites to act for the World Environmental Day

As the World Environment day was celebrated last 5th of June, the city of Malaga developed its own initiatives to sensitive her youngsters to the conservation of their environment.

Poster of the 2014 WED in Malaga Photo: IUCN

The one-week long activities was organized on the Malagueta beach, in the center of the city, and welcomed 300 students from 12 secondary schools. As coastal inhabitants, they learned about the marine environment and the challenges that it has to face such as the climate change and its effects, the rising level of the seas and the trash accumulation impacts.

To this end, educational activities adapted to the audience age have been organized, the majority of them taking place on the 5th of June: environmental gymkhana, collection and analysis of the trash found on the beach, workshop to recycle them, cleaning of the Malagueta marine environment etc. These activities aimed to awaken the future generation within the necessity of protecting their environment.

The organization of this event was coordinated by the IUCN Center for Mediterranean Cooperation and the city Council of Malaga, and counted on the participation of local organizations like the Observatory of Urban Environment (OMAU) or the Aula del Mar (The class of the Sea).

For more information: Lourdes Lázaro

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