Making Connections: Links for CEC members

Start your networking with the CEC National Activator in your country and the CEC Regional Vice-Chair in your region. Here are some useful links to CEC documents and to key contacts from the IUCN website.

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As a CEC member, you are invited to start your networking with the CEC National Activator in your country and the CEC Regional Vice-Chair in your region.


CEC Regional Vice-Chairs
Regional Vice-Chairs are points of contact for CEC members. In the structure of CEC, they play a key role in empowering members to connect with the Commission and with IUCN as a whole.

CEC National Activators
These CEC members are taking on a new and dynamic role as focal points for our Commission in their countries.

Stay up on CEC news on our website:

Wondering what's next? Read the report by the CEC Steering Committee from the recent meeting in Ecuador. Ambitious plans included online courses and a database for distance learning (capacity building); strategic use of diverse media along with “plain speak” to convey IUCN priorities with more impact (communication platforms); and start dialogues with key people and groups around climate change and security and other emerging issues (co-creating solutions). These and other activities aligned with areas in the CEC strategic plan and mandate.

IUCN CEC Strategic Plan 2009-2012

IUCN CEC Mandate 2009-2012 in English / Spanish / French


IUCN has offices in more than 45 countries and runs hundreds of projects around the world. We have member organizations in more than 160 countries and a network of 10,000 voluntary scientists and experts spanning the globe.
See the list of IUCN offices in regions and countries here


IUCN Members within a country or region often organize themselves into National and Regional Committees to facilitate cooperation and help coordinate the Union's work. IUCN Members are States, government agencies, political/economic integration organizations, national and international non-governmental organizations. As an individual, you can join IUCN through one of its six Commissions. There’s some interesting data on the IUCN website that might aid in your efforts to build alliances in your country or region. Here are some links:

IUCN Regional and Sub-regional Committees

IUCN National Committees

IUCN Members database

Newsletter for IUCN Members – “Union Pulse” Archives


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