Make sure rescue package is green, G20 told

A new global coalition of environmental, development, business and labour groups calls on the G-20 to make sure the financial stimulus package they are discussing this week is an inclusive and green one.

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With the world facing a global recession, a broken financial system, job losses, food and fuel shocks, persistent poverty and growing ecological problems, the G-20 will meet to discuss an emergency package.

The coalition, which includes IUCN, WWF, IIED and the leader author of the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity, Pavan Sukhdev, along with trade union and business groups, urges the G-20 to invest in a green economy.

"We recommend that you allocate $750 billion of this stimulus package, which is around one percent of global GDP, to investments that will build an inclusive and green economy," the open letter reads. "You can do this by investing in green infrastructure, such as renewable energy, sustainable transport systems, and environmentally friendly buildings which would also stimulate the creation of high quality, stable employment across a range of sectors.”

It also urges leaders to invest in equitable and sustainable natural resource use, supplemented by education and health care, which would improve the livelihoods of poor people.

Protecting critical habitats, and improving the provision of ecosystem services, which would mitigate systemic ecological risks and build resilience amongst rich and poor alike, is another recommendation.

To read the full letter please click here.

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