LOICZ Open Science Conference on 'Coastal Systems, Global Change and Sustainabilty'

The LOICZ OSC is arranged around the overarching topic on “Coastal vulnerability and sustainability to support adaptation to global change”. Three major pillars are

Loicz Open Science Conference
  • The synthesis of past years of LOICZ process and conceptual research, including social-ecological system concepts and assessments on multiple scales, the theory and practical application of governance baseline assessments, application and findings of biogeochemical assessment and modeling and the interaction of fluxes and change with costal ecosystems.
  •  Providing the state-of-the-art understanding of hotspot areas of current future coastal change in the Arctic, urbanized coastal zones and megacities, islands and river-mouths-systems, including estuaries and deltas; supported by cross-disciplinary science including ecological economics, observation and modeling. This part is expected to lead the project into its future research priorities and assist in agenda setting.
  • Sessions providing insight into the regional and national research priorities and recent findings on global change and coastal zones.
Work area: 
Protected Areas
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