Logo competition - IUCN WCPA Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group

Logo competition - IUCN WCPA Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group

World Commission on Protected Areas Photo: IUCN

The TAPAS group is looking for a logo which we can use as a recognisable brand in our communications and publications. We want to have a logo that reflects the Tourism and Protected Areas components of the group, and which looks appropriate in conjunction with the IUCN and WCPA logos.

We welcome the submission of logo designs between now and 30 August 2014, from both members and non-members of the TAPAS group. Please send your logo direct to me (annaspenceley@gmail.com) and Ron Mader (editor@planeta.com).

By submitting a logo to this contest, logo authors agree to retain copyright of their proposals whilst they are proposals. By submitting entries to the competition, logo authors agree that should they win the competition, they will transfer all rights in the winning logo to the WPCA TAPAS Group. The reason for this is to do with branding: the logo is the most immediate part of the TAPAS Group brand and this transfer will allow the group to control use of the brand.

TAPAS Group members will vote for the best logo, through an online voting process. The TAPAS Group ExCo will review the logos that receive the top 5 votes, and will select the winner in consultation with the WCPA Steering Committee.

The prize for the winning logo will be that it will be used in group communications and publications, and within our social networking media (e.g. Facebook). Although no payment will be made for the winning logo, the Logo Author will be acknowledged in our Annual Report to WCPA and also on our website.

Anna Spenceley
CEC and WCPA Member

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