Living and farming along Sava River

The Sava River hosts the largest lowland forests in Europe and a mosaic of fertile floodplains formed by traditional land-use patterns.  

Lonjsko Polje Nature Park, Croatia

The IUCN/Wageningen International project Protection of Biodiversity of the Sava River Basin Floodplains launched in 2007 aims to protect and manage the unique landscape and rich biodiversity along the Sava River, Danube's second largest tributary.

While NGOs and state institutions in the coutries through which Sava runs are working together on data sharing and protection of the ecological network, the challenge is how to sustain traditional farming activities while at the same time securing sufficient income for the farmers whose livelihhods depend on the river.

Valerija Hima, Natural Resources Manager of Lonjsko Polje Nature Park in Croatia looks at the threats for the river and explains about the work with local farmers.

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South-Eastern Europe 
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