Livelihoods and Climate Change

Combining disaster risk reduction, natural resource management and climate change adaptation in a new approach to the reduction of vulnerability and poverty

Author(s): IUCN ; International Institute for Sustainable Development ; Stockholm Environment Institute ; Swiss Development Cooperation ; Intercooperation ; Task Force on Climate Change, Vulnerable Communities and Adaptation
Published: 2003
ISBN: 1-895536-72-3
Livelihoods and Climate Change: cover Photo: IUCN

Winnipeg, MB : IISD, 2003. viii, 24p. : ill.

The evidence shows that climate change is occurring and we cannot wait any longer to take action, declared UN Secretary General Kofi Annan in 2001. This report will help natural resource managers to identify environmental management actions, such as wetland restoration and improved water resource management, that can be taken to reduce the vulnerability of communities to climate-related disasters and climate change. Produced by a Task Force on Climate Change, Vulnerable Communities and Adaptation, the report draws upon expertise from the fields of climate change, disaster management, conservation and social policy.

Note: Includes bibliographic references and an executive summary.

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