Linking ground work to science

Four of our field professionals from Tonga, Vanuatu and Fiji recently took part in a workshop for research paper writing.

Field work

The Science Paper Writing Workshop was jointly facilitated by James Cook University and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. The objective of the training was to provide a hands-on course to publication writing, improve writing efficiency and provide guiding principles for writing.

Our field professionals were amongst peers from Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea and practiced using their own research under the Mangrove Ecosystems for Climate Change Adaptation & Livelihoods project.

It was important that our project officers received this training to help them report their research findings in good quality knowledge products,” says Dr Milika Sobey of IUCN Oceania.

Concepts learnt included: concept planning and mapping; journal citations; journal impact factors; managing references and plagiarism (including self-plagiarism); writing introductions, discussions, conclusions and abstracts; deciding on publication titles; and using social media.

The training was designed by Peter Hairsine and carried out under the guidance of Dr. Chris Beadle with contributions from Dr. Paul Nelson, Dr. Mike Webb, Dr. Marcus Sheaves and Dr. Norman Duke. There were 13 participants involved in the workshop each from varying backgrounds and levels of writing skills.

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