Life along the Sava River

Societies once torn by conflict are now working together to preserve the Sava River and its intact floodplains, on which they all depend.

Pannonian Grey Cattle in Zasavica, Serbia

The Sava River is one of the most important tributaries to the Danube River because of its lenght, fertile wetlands and unique landscape. Four sites in the river basin are on the Ramsar Wetlands Convention list. It  also boasts numerous protected areas at national and regional level and is home to many European threatened species of plants and animals.

Transboundary cooperation for sustainable development is at the heart of the IUCN Sava river basin project, which started in 2007 and is coming to an end December this year. The project was initiated jointly by IUCN and the Dutch group Wageningen International  to help local communities increase their livelihoods and protect the unique biodiversity in the region.






South-Eastern Europe 
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