Life along the Sava (March 2008)

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Core topic: Ecological Networks
In focus: Lonjsko Polje Nature Park
Interview with… Slobodan Puzović
News & Events: ISRBC, SSHP, BED, Zasavica…

Life along the Sava (March 2008) Photo: Vladimir Dobretic


The first issue of a new magazine always brings with it dual excitement. Firstly, it brings the satisfaction of providing new reading material to the public (in this case, a specialized and thematic edition intended for a certain geographical region). The second reason is the simple anticipation of whether the new issue will be positively welcomed by the public, whether it will succeed in satisfying the diverse needs of its readers, and  whether it will be successful in achieving its mission. This is the first edition of the bulletin Life along the Sava.

The bulletin was conceived with the idea of covering a broad range of topics related to the conservation of the natural and cultural values of the Sava River floodplain. This bulletin is not only intended for experts on the Sava River, but also for all those interested in the wise management of wetland habitats that are so typical of the Sava River floodplain. This first edition is dedicated to the formation of the ecological networks, which represent a significant contribution to the modern comprehension of space and the relations between humans and nature.

This topic is imperative for the conservation of all the diversity associated with the Sava River. Of course, the bulletin also offers a series of other articles directly and indirectly related to the conservation of the values of Life along the Sava.

This bulletin was made possible within the framework of the project entitled Protection of Biodiversity of the Sava River Basin Floodplains, and supported by the LIFE III financial instruments and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The overall objective of the project is to protect and preserve the unique areas and the diversity of flora and fauna along the Sava River, in line with the criteria of the EU Birds and Habitats Directives. This will be achieved through the creation of unified cross-border ecological networks along the entire course of the Sava River, and which will consist not only of protected areas, but also of all those existing transitional areas that the Sava River floodplain abounds in.

Like this bulletin, the project is focused not only on the protection of biodiversity and the landscapes of the floodplain, but also addresses a number of other issues that are significant for the conservation of the unique Posavina landscape. This primarily refers to the various forms of land use that have developed into the specific conditions of the floodplain, the cultural heritage and the tradition of living in Posavina, in addition to the complex issues of resource management. Together, these create the guidelines for balanced development of the area. Indeed, all this cannot be achieved without reviewing the issues of conserving biodiversity of the Sava in the broadest possible context, all the while considering the significance of its water management, the existing system of regulating high water levels and flood protection. Only an
integral approach to the current state and needs can lead to a lasting and satisfactory solution in terms of conserving the natural and cultural values and creating balanced development plans.

In that sense, this bulletin is aimed not only at exchanging experiences and familiarizing those interested with the current happenings along the river, but also at offering possible solutions for a balanced future of the Sava River floodplain. This ultimately is aimed at the satisfaction of those living there. Those whose activities have left their mark on this region, making it one of the most influential natural and cultural entities in Central Europe.

Boris Erg,

South-Eastern Europe 
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