Learning from the Thai experience of river basin management

Jointly with the Chi River Basin Committee, MWD Thailand has now commenced an assessment of the Thai River Basin Organisations (RBO).  Based on the Chi River Basin, northeastern Thailand, the assessment will be conducted from September – November 2011 and will foster an understanding of RBO strengths and weaknesses.

Brainstorming in needs and objectives

The review aims to assess ten years of experience of the River Basin Management (RBM) functions of the Chi River Basin, including: basin planning, water allocation, pollution control and environmental flows, flood and drought management, economic and financial management, stakeholder dialogue and participation, and conflict resolution.

The study will cover: the RBO concept, context, regulations, mechanism, processes, methods, actions, inputs, outputs, and results. To highlight the impact of implementation the Chi RBO will be used as the case study.

Through this assessment, an understanding the effectiveness of RBOs implementation in the Thai context will be gained. A summary of the lessons learned will provide guidance and recommendation for the Thai government to help improve, promote and support the implementation of Integrated Water Resource Management, RBM and RBO operations in Thailand.

In addition, the lesson learned will be used for local and national dialogue to improve RBOs functioning across Thailand; it will also provide valuable guidance and insight on this model of governance for other Mekong countries.


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