Learning how to gather baseline data

Building on previous discussions undertaken in Honiara, Solomon Islands, two workshops were conducted in Vanuatu in the month of May.

Fishing net in mangrove areas. Galoa village, Fiji.

The first trained the NCC and representatives from the Vanuatu Forestry Department on mangrove floristic survey and mapping. Facilitated by Dr. Norman Duke, the workshop focused on a number of key field components including species identification of mangrove and saltmarsh plants, sediment peat depth measures along plot transects and shoreline video assessment.

The second workshop was conducted by Ross Johnston and trained fisheries staff to complete rapid assessment surveys. The workshop focused on fish and crustacean assemblages in Eratap and Crab Bay as a first step to understanding the area's mangrove faunal diversity. Eratap and Crab Bay are the demonstration sites for MESCAL Vanuatu.


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