Le jour où l’abeille disparaîtra… » by Jean Christophe Vié

The title of this book by Jean-Christophe Vié reminds us that the survival of humanity is dependant upon all living organisms.

Jean-Christophe Vié

 “It is a piece of personal work, inspired by my field experience in different parts of the world during the last 20 years but also of course, derived from the work I do with IUCN. I have tried to explain what biodiversity means and to give an understanding that the conservation of nature is not a luxury but is a necessity.” With a doctorate in Ecology, Jean-Christophe started his career as a wildlife Vet specializing in primates. He became known for his work as head of an operation to save thousands of animals threatened by the Petit-Saut dam in French Guyana and has led many nature conservation programmes around the world. Today as Deputy Head of IUCN Species Programme he works in close collaboration with the SSC, a network of more than 7000 experts on plant and animal species. Le jour où l’abeille disparaîtra…»   is his first book.

While climate change dominates environmental debate, the even more immediate risks associated with biodiversity loss are side-lined. Above all, the most immediate threats remain the destruction of habitats, overuse, invasive species and pollution. Jean-Christophe Vié, with his passion for wildlife explains why mankind cannot overlook the millions of species which are working for our well-being for free. Using a constructive argument, he aims to raise our conscience on the dependence of man on the environment, not only for our food, well-being, health, shelter, warmth, protection from natural disasters …. and how much we must preserve if we want to survive.

This well researched book explains the sometimes difficult work of the innumerable players in the world of conservation and makes an assessment on the state of biodiversity emphasizing certain aspects like the pillage of the oceans, the disappearance of amphibians and even invasive species. Equally at ease in the milieu of the international network of conservation experts as in the jungles of the Amazon, Jean-Christophe shares the importance of his findings with the reader. Benefiting from plenty of on the ground anecdotes, Le jour où l’abeille disparaîtra…. , illustrates the daily work of a conservationist from the protection of species like the black caiman, the Arabian oryx or marine turtles to the backstage of the big international conventions. “I have tried to give the reader an understanding of the complexity of the environmental cause, the enormous struggle faced by the conservation organizations.” Witness to the astonishing environmental degradation, Jean-Christophe Vié appeals to our human reason to conserve ecosystems already weakened by abuse. “Mankind is continually trumpeting his technological achievements and success, but our achievements are modest compared with what nature continues to accomplish and without which his very survival would be compromised.”

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