Law and Governance Journey at the WCC Forum

Latest news about the WCC Forum in Barcelona: Information about the various thematic Journeys, leading participants to selections of Forum events, are now available on the Congress website!

One of these Journeys is on Law and Governance.

Barcelona Congress Photo: IUCN

The link to the various ‘Journeys’, which a number of IUCN thematic Programmes have prepared to help Forum participants interested in a particular theme to find their way more easily through the mass of events which will take place at the Forum, and at the same time showcase the events which these Programmes are organizing, is available below. 

Once on the site, click on the Law and Governance Journey, and have a look at the introduction and at the ‘map’ (list of events by date) which is presently available on the Journey web page. Forty events have been selected for inclusion in the L&G Journey.

The event which kicks off the Journey is the CEL Ethics Specialist Group workshop (No 1239), on October 6 at 14h 30.

The other CEL events are:
1238 (marine – 6.10 at 16h30)
1235 (armed conflict – 7.10 at 9h30)
1234 (soils – 8.10 at 14h30)
1236 (biofuels – 8.10 at 16h30)
1240 (protected areas – 9.10 at 11h30) preceded by Part 1 (567) at 9h30, organized in cooperation with the World Bank.

In addition, the ELC is responsible for the organization of:
1532 (Conservation with Justice – a rights-based approach, 8.10 at 9h30). This workshop is also part of the so-called ‘DG’s Journey’.

The other items on the list are a selection of mainly workshops, but also other types of events which, among those offered at the Forum, appeared from the information available to the ELP to be of greatest relevance to the Programme. Events considered by other Journeys to be of relevance to L&G in their field have been included. Many of the ELP Journey events (marked in purple on the web page) are also part of other Journeys (each has a distinct colour). For instance, the CEL Marine Specialist Group event (1238) is also the kick off to the Marine Journey. But more than these 40 events deal with governance, law and policy. Each Forum participant can design their own journey from the overall Forum Programme.

Participants to the WCC Forum may wish to register for the L&G Journey, and take this opportunity to meet with colleagues at the Journey events, or at the stop over which the ELP plans to have every day at the end of the afternoon session in the Members’ Lounge. More information on this will be posted on the Journey website before the start of the Forum.

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