Launching Sustainable Fisheries Management in Tyre - Lebanon

 IUCN ROWA in Partnership with The Association of the Development of Rural Capacities are holding a ceremony to launch the " Sustainable Fisheries Management for Improved Livelihoods of the Coastal Fishing Community in Tyre - Lebanon" Project funded by DROSOS foundation in Tyre Tomorrow.

a fisherman from Tyre Photo: Ziad Samaha

IUCN and partners are implementing a project in Lebanon to assist the members of the Tyre Fishing Syndicate and their families to jointly improve their livelihoods. The South Governorate, to which Tyre Caza belongs, is the second poorest Governorate, with a 42% prevalence of overall poverty. Within this context, the fishing community forms an economically, socially and culturally distinct, highly specialized but also highly impoverished subgroup, which is stable across generations.

The ceremony will be held in the Tyre Rest House where project partners will share the purpose and significance of this project along with informatory videos explaining the situation.

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Ziad Samaha 

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