Launching of the programme “Small Scale Initiatives for Civil Society Organizations in North Africa”

The city of Tripoli (Libya) has welcomed last 19th of June the workshop launching the programme “Small Initiatives for Civil Society Organizations in North Africa” (PPI-OSCAN). This workshop which was attended by 50 participants, permitted officially to launch this new initiative and ensure a great involvement of both NGOs and governments representatives. The involvement of the Libyan administration since the beginning has to be underlined mainly through the Environment General Authority (EGA) support.


The ensuing workshop was organized straightaway in Tunis (Tunisia) the 24th of June, and counted on the presence of more than 60 assistants as well as the support of the Ministry of Equipment, Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development (Ministère de l'Équipement, de l'Aménagement du Territoire et du Développement Durable in French). In addition, the event raised a high participation and attracted considerable attention from the Tunisian Media.

The PPI-OSCAN's objective is to strengthen the administrative, technical and financial capacities of the civil society organizations in four North-Africa countries: Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia. This initiative is part of the IUCN North Africa Programme coordinated by the IUCN Center for Mediterranean Cooperation, and relies on the financial help of the MAVA Foundation and the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM in French).

The coming weeks will see the launching of this programme in Morocco and Algeria, followed by the simultaneous public call for the submission of projects that could be eligible for funding within this programme.

Further information : Maher Mahjoub

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