Knowledge Sharing Workshop on EbA Concepts and Practices

Under the leadership of IUCN World Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM), ISET-Nepal in collaboration with UNEP, UNDP and IUCN organized one-day “Knowledge sharing workshop on Ecosystem-based Adaptation concepts and practices” in Kathmandu.

Participants of the workshop Photo: Amit Poudyal /IUCN Nepal

The main objective of the workshop was to deliberate on various aspects of Ecosystem Based Adaptation (EbA) and try to develop a truly “integrated approach” to adaptation using the CEM/IUCN knowledge base and lessons learned. The similarities and differences of Community based Adaptation (CbA) and Ecosystem based Adaptation (EbA) were discussed.

With the facilitation of Dr. Madhav Karki, chair of IUCN CEM South Asia Region, the participants presented the different aspects of EbA and CbA during the workshop. The workshop becomes successful to bring together different stakeholders, researchers, and practitioners to discuss Nepal’s EbA pilot study which will be further helpful to develop a suitable EbA framework for different eco-regions of South Asia.

The participants were informed on EbA framework that can help build resilience of human as well as ecosystems managing the ecosystems goods and services. The need for capacity building and resilient governance arrangements to provide equitable ecosystem services to the dependent people were highlighted during workshop.

Adaptation to climate and socio-economic changes in South Asia by enhancing the role of ecosystem services will strengthen ecosystem resilience if we can promote ecosystem based adaptation (EbA) options and reduce the vulnerability of communities, simultaneously.

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