Kisumu’s Shabaa Community environmental policing programme gets a boost from IUCN

Shabaa Community - Kisumu, a youth network in Kenya, is now using computers and publications that were recently donated by IUCN ESARO. The network is building a community of young people in Kenya to ensure that they effectively participate in development. In his message of appreciation to IUCN, the coordinator for the youth network, Nashon Nyambok, indicated that the two computers received from IUCN have already been installed and are being used by the Community.

Handing over publications to the Shabaa Community members.

Nyambok indicated that the Community has started an environmental policing program. “This program will establish a one-stop environmental resource centre that will also address all aspects of youth development.” The publications from IUCN are now accessible to the youth through the one-stop centre.

The donation was made by IUCN ESARO’s My Green IUCN Initiative which seeks to raise the staff’s awareness regarding environmental behaviour and encouraging environmentally sustainable actions in the operations at IUCN ESARO.  IUCN Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa, Ali Kaka, commended Shabaa Community – Kisumu for the environmental programme that they have started. “The donation by IUCN expresses our commitment to supporting youth involvement in environmental management especially considering that the youth are the future custodians of our planet.”
The Community is currently working with the District Environmental Officer to get more donors involved in their work. They have currently managed to receive 6 computers out of the targeted 10 computers and a printer.

For more information, please contact Aziza Buka of My Green IUCN Initiative on

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