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JUST CONSERVATION - With a view to broadening the debate about conservation related conflicts and their links to NGO accountability, the Just Conservation network was launched in 2010; first on Facebook, in both English and Spanish, and now with its own independent web site at www.justconservation.org.


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One of the hardest aspects of conservation related conflicts is trying to sift through the contested representations and understandings of what has happened to whom, who is responsible for any wrong doing, and who is involved. Often information is limited, opaque or comes only after much delay. We often hear about fait accompli, not current struggles.

Part of the problem is that a good deal of this type of conflict is only reported in academic and conservation presses, or brought forward at large meetings where access is restricted. This means that little of the resulting information reaches the general public.

Unless the debate about how rights are affected by conservation and the manner in which they are responded to can reach the widest possible audience the process of building accountability risks lacking both transparency and credibility.

The purpose of Just Conservation is to provide a more accessible venue for providing information about these conservation conflicts. It is oriented in particular to conflicts which arise because of human rights abuses. It proposes that those directly affected by conservation should be able to raise issues of concern without the use of intermediaries

We would welcome thought provoking contributions from you, as well as links to published information so please explore the site, contribute to it and disseminate it among your friends and networks.

Thank you Nicholas Winer, Just Conservation

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