Julia Miranda Londoño: Winning the Packard Award strengthens our name and credibility

Winning the WCPA Packard Award is for me a great honor and I consider it to be, actually, an acknowledgement of the whole National Parks of Colombia’s team work.

Julia Miranda Londoño, WCPA Regional Chair for South America Photo: Julia Miranda Londoño

It means that the IUCN and particularly the WCPA knows and values the serious, committed and creative work we undertake in Colombia in order to achieve the conservation of our national parks, regardless of the large amount of budget and personnel restrictions we face, and the security and conflict situations in our country which undoubtedly pose difficulties to reach our goals. After I returned from accepting the award at the World Conservation Congress in September 2012, this honor was recognized by the national media, several public and private organizations and even by the President of the Republic, further positioning the work we do and strengthening the name and credibility of our institution. This has definitively encouraged us to keep on doing our task.

Julia Miranda Londono is the director of Parques Nacionales Columbia and the IUCN WCPA Regional Vice Chair for South America.The Packard Award is given to individuals or groups to recognize outstanding service to protected areas. The award, given annually by IUCN's World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA), recognizes both protected area professionals and organizations. The award includes a certificate, with cash prizes issued in certain circumstances. Nominations can be accepted for any individual (or group of individuals) who has carried out his/her duties in the service of protected areas above and beyond the call of duty.

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