Jordanian Decision Makers visit Lebanon

 As part of the "Sustainable Dryland Landscapes in Africa & the Middle East" Project funded by the Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DANIDA), aiming at greater policy implementation in support of Sustainable Land Management in drylands of participating countries; Jordanian decision makers visit Lebanon as part of a cross-visit programme in an effort to exchange ideas about different project activities and successes.


High level exchange visit to IUCN Lebanon projects

The Ministry of Agriculture in Jordan supported by the IUCN’s Regional Office for West Asia (ROWA) is studying the prospects for large-scale and sustainable investments in the vast rangeland areas in the Jordan. These investments aim to recover rich resources of these areas in a long-term sustainable and economically viable way, while at the same time improving the living conditions of local communities who are living here and are the main land users and custodians of the rangelands.

The main objective of this study conducted as part of this project is to explore and propose viable options for sustainable investments in the Jordan rangelands that are of interest to the Jordan business community and to articulate why such investments are necessary and important for the country and for long-term sustainability of rangeland management.
This study identified viable options for private investments that are profitable while at the same time preserving resource basis (the natural capital of the rangelands). Such investments can be in resource assets (water, land, vegetation infrastructure) as well as in the organizational structures that are necessary for strengthening local governance of rangeland management.

The rational for interesting private investments in rangeland management is on one hand the vast potential this has for the private sector to undertake financial and economical viable activities, while at the same time the magnitude and scope of such investments is beyond the capacity of local land users and government agencies.

To further compliment this effort, a number of Jordanian decision makers that include; Secretary General Ministry of Agriculture, Secretary General Ministry of Environment, Prime Minister representative, Parliamentarian representative - Head of Environment group, Jordanian Investment Commission - Office of General Director, Secretary General Assistant for Forest and Rangeland - Ministry of Agriculture, Head of projects - Ministry of Planning; have visited successful projects and activities in Lebanon in an effort to exchange knowledge. Successful IUCN projects in Lebanon has proven how important participatory methods are in acheiving rangeland management and Al Hima in local communities. 



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