Join Ning and Learning Events at Copenhagen Conference

Engage in the climate change conference via a social networking site created by the Survival  Academy programme. If you are in Copenhagen, look for Learning Events that highlight how citizens can participate in change. From Lizzie Crudgington, IUCN Learning and Leadership Unit.

Logo of Survival Academy at Copehagen climate change conference

“What if I were the Solution?”
8-17 Dec 2009

The world is changing rapidly. In such times we – as individuals, communities and organizations - often search for clarity and understanding of where in the big picture we fit in.

The Survival Academy is a place where participants and the general public can learn, share knowledge and create new ways of taking action on climate change. It all takes place when the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change holds its conference in Copenhagen in December 2009,

The intention is to complement the political negotiations with a series of events that explore ways that we can share responsibility as citizens, consumers, community members, organisation members, entrepreneurs, activists, artists, and leaders. Change can start from any place and anyone, and climate change is too complex and large-scale to be addressed only by one sector or process.

The learning events at Survival Academy include:

  • Sessions on visual communication, community organising, sustainability strategy, group facilitation, connecting with nature, sustainable business, scenario development, leadership development, sustainable living, strategies for climate adaptation, and more
  • Films, exhibitions, and book launches
  • Social networking site at
  • Satellite events will happen in different parts of the world

To keep track of the emerging Survival Academy programme or to sign up to participate, see

Survival Academy is co-convened by Reos Partners (, Bigger Picture (, Energiakademiet (, Unfolding Cards (, and Pioneers of Change (


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Climate Change
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