Japan Civil Network Promotes CEPA during CBD COP10

CEC members Masahiro Kawatei and Osamu Abe are calling for an emphasis on CEPA to meet targets for biodiversity. A report on JCN-CBD activities in Nagoya.

CEC member Osamu Abe of the Japan Civil Network for Convention on Biological Diversity (JCN-CBD)

The Japan Civil Network for Convention on Biological Diversity (JCN-CBD) regards the Convention on Biological Diversity as “the Basic Living Law for the Global Citizen”. The network consists of 108 domestic organizations and individual members. JCN-CBD has a three-pronged action plan directed at “establishment of the foundation”, “involvement in treaty negotiations” and “the organization's expansion and exchange”.

The basis of the network’s activities is Communication, Education and Public Awareness (CEPA), which is an obligation to the Parties in accordance with the provision of Article 13. In addition, the JCN-CBD seeks to develop a sense of ownership that we all are users and managers of natural resources and to promote citizen's social participation.

Through grassroots activities we have formed a network among various citizens at home and abroad, promoting activities toward the adoption of the proposed “United Nations Decade of Biodiversity” in the pursuit of the achievement of the “Aichi Target” adopted at COP10/MOP5.*

Activities at CBD COP10

During COP10 we conducted a campaign on theme “What is CEPA?” with an exhibition booth, distribution of leaflets, display of posters, and a series of forums. Moreover, JCN-CBD welcomed the opportunity to give the ‘NGO speech’ at the meeting to discuss CEPA.

In a position paper, we expressed our proposal to place more emphasis on CEPA in the draft decision regarding the United Nations Decade of Biodiversity. JCN-CBD was successfully involved in the draft decision, and our proposal was reflected in the following clauses:

  • 2.To Invite Parties, Governments and relevant organizations to establish focal points and implementation bodies for communication, education and public awareness activities at national, regional and global level;
  • 4....to continue support the work of Parties on communication, education and public awareness .in support of the proposed United Nations Decade on Biodiversity; and
  • 8...to communicate the assessment of the Conference of the Parties at its eleventh meeting.

On October 26, Professor Osamu Abe addressed an audience of more than 100 with the aim of promoting understanding and sharing of CEPA to advance biodiversity during a forum at the Large Hall of the Aichi Gakuin University. IUCN CEC member Professor Osumu Abe is President of the Japanese Society of Environmental Education and Professor at Rikkyo University.

On October 29, JCN-CBD issued a joint statement on CEPA Decision with IIFB that welcomed the draft decision on the UN Decade. At the press conference we expressed our will to share the successful result of our proposal efforts that are reflected in the draft decision and to promote “traditional knowledge” and CEPA to achieve the Aichi Target. All these activities mentioned above had been planned and conducted by IUCN CEC Member Masahiro Kawatei, Leader of Out-Reach WG, JCN-CBD.

For more information, contact Osamu Abe at osamu@rikkyo.ac.jp

* The Strategic Plan of the Convention on Biological Diversity or the Aichi Target, adopted by the meeting includes 20 headline targets, organized under five strategic goals that address the underlying causes of biodiversity loss, reduce the pressures on biodiversity, safeguard biodiversity at all levels, enhance the benefits provided by biodiversity, and provide for capacity-building.  

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