IWA Congress: Pioneering Water Solutions in Urbanising Areas

Of the 3.5 billion people living in urban areas, less than 50% have access to adequate water and sanitation services. Solutions to overcome this enormous challenge will be discussed at the upcoming IWA Development congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 21-24 November.

Pioneering Water Solutions in Urbanising Areas, Kuala Lumpur, 21-24 November Photo: IWA

The IUCN Water Programme is a strategic partner of the International Water Association (IWA) Congress, which will provide a platform for both private and public sectors to lead on the development of on-the-ground solutions for urban water and sanitation.

As we are facing a future where over the next 40 years, almost a million new urban residents will be added every week to existing and new cities, more competition for limited water resources will become the rule rather than the exception.

IUCN and IWA partners will be looking at strategies that optimise water use within cities, and in particular at the basin level with other uses such as agriculture, energy and nature. “You cannot optimize water in cities without looking at the natural water basin or catchment areas which are serving them” says Dr Mark Smith, Director of the IUCN Water Programme in the lead up to the Congress.

With the overarching theme 'Pioneering Water Solutions in Urbanising Areas', the IWA Development Congress will focus on issues ranging from appropriate technology solutions, to broader enabling mechanisms such as governance and finance systems, capacity development and stakeholder mobilisation.

For more information, please contact water@iucn.org

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