IUCN at the World Water Forum

Mark Smith, Head of IUCN's Water Programme talks about the burning need to manage water resources across national boundaries.

Mark Smith Photo:
  1. The biggest water event of the year is less than a month away. Do you think that now the water community will finally succeed in placing water high enough on the international agenda?
  2. What are IUCN's top priorities for this meeting? What do you want decision-makers to do?
  3. The theme of the meeting is "bridging divides of water". How can we allocate water to different users in different countries within the limits of what's available?
  4. How is IUCN dealing with the global water crisis?
  5. Climate change has enormous impact on water recourses. In the run-up to Copenhagen, what is IUCN doing to ensure water is at the center of the discussions in December?
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