IUCN welcomes four new members in the Mediterranean region

The IUCN Council has just validated the decision taken by its Bureau, on October 22nd 2015, to approve the admission of 16 new Members. Four of them belong to the Mediterranean region and are: United Society for Developing Water Resources and Environment (Jordan), The Environmental Education Centre of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land (Palestine), Sociedad Española para la Defensa del Patrimonio Geológico y Minero (Spain) and Kaz Dağı ve Madra Dağı Belediyeler Birliği (Turkey).  

Mediterranean landscape

 United Society for Developing Water Resources and Environment, (USDWE), Jordan: The United Society for Developing Water Resources & Environment (USDWE) is a Non-profit Making NGO based in Amman, Jordan founded in 2011. Its board consists of seven specialists in different aspects of engineering, development and management experience in dealing with various national and international Donors. It is supervised by the Ministry of Environment to achieve the following objectives:

•    Develop different studies and researches and implement diverse Water and Environment activities to raise the awareness of local communities.

•    Develop various sustainable development programs in the field of Water and Environment and strengthen its implementation mechanism by appropriate Information Management Systems.

The Environmental Education Center of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land, (EEC), Palestine: The EEC is working to address environmental issues faced by Palestine through program offerings for the Center’s participants, including students, teachers, women, local graduate students and decision-makers. With these programs, we hope to reinvigorate public attitudes towards the environment, and provide capacity building and awareness training that will empower community members to proactively work towards eco-friendly lifestyle solutions.

Sociedad Española para la Defensa del Patrimonio Geológico y Minero, (SEDPGYM) Spain:  is a group of individuals and institutions concerned by the Geological and Mining Heritage founded in 1995.

Its purpose is to promote, disseminate and coordinate efforts to study, to perform inventories, to protect and restore geological and metallurgical mining heritage.

It also organizes scientific meetings at national and international level, promotes activities of partners, and organizes visits to museums, mines, facilities, sites and other points of interest of the Spanish heritage.

Kaz Dağı ve Madra Dağı Belediyeler Birliği, (K.M.B.B.), Turkey: was founded in 2007 and is the union of 25 municipalities and local governments located around the Mount Ida.

The mission of the K.M.B.B is to maintain the Mount’s ecological balance and to protect its biodiversity. Moreover, the organisation promotes cooperation among Member municipalities in order to protect the Environment in a more efficient way.                              

The Association of Municipalities is environmentally friendly, democratic, participatory, transparent, accountable, and efficient. It also provides quality services in an effort to protect Mount Ida ecological integrity.

The IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation warmly welcomes these four new Members to the Mediterranean region.

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