IUCN welcomes Association BIOM as its new member

IUCN’s network in SEE is now strengthened by a new NGO member, Association for Biological Research - BIOM. Its membership application was approved during the 77th Meeting of the IUCN Council.

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“In past two years BIOM became active in international projects and we started to cooperate with more people outside Croatia. We realized that communication with foreign experts is easier if we you’re networked in big international organization like IUCN. IUCN membership gives certain credibility to our work. It’s important not only for our clients (public institutions for instance) and associates but for wider public also. I believe it motivates people to join us in our efforts to protect nature in Croatia. IUCN’s professional knowledge and expertise could help BIOM in obtaining new projects and raising quality in ongoing ones and expert members can join IUCN’s committees and expert groups – in that way BIOM can stretch its activities at top levels of global nature protection”, says Vedran Lucic, Office Manager of BIOM.

The Association BIOM is a non-profit, voluntary and independent civil society organization involved in nature protection, species and habitats conservation and promotion. The Association BIOM was founded in Croatia in 2006. and ever since, it focuses on scientific and professional research and protection of flora, fauna and habitats. Its activities contribute to awareness raising on topics related to biodiversity, habitats in danger and sustainable development, promoting Biology as a scientific discipline at the same time.

In the course of 2011, BIOM worked on various monitoring and research programs, participated at several workshops and congresses and actively promoted nature protection in Croatia. BIOM’s work on raptors monitoring in protected areas throughout Croatia brought new insights on species like golden eagle, lesser kestrel or peregrine falcon. BIOM concluded first Croatian rat eradication project in order to protect tubenoses population on small Adriatic islands. Its work on water beetles, especially on Graphoderus bilineatus, filled the list of Croatian insect fauna and showed that this vulnerable species is widespread in Croatia. Mammals are represented in BIOM’s work through Balkan Snow Vole: in cooperation with Zagreb ZOO and Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb its experts are trying to evaluate the status and understand its ecology. Numerous successful projects and research activities are result of cooperation between BIOM’s experts and hardworking volunteers, friends and sympathizers. All projects BIOM is involved in include educational activities and materials. BIOM is trying to work with general public as much as possible, and is Croatian partner on BirdLife’s educational project Spring Alive.

By joining IUCN, the member benefits from IUCN's scientific credibility, its unsurpassed knowledge base and convening power, extensive networking opportunities and access to high-level political, economic and social decision making. IUCN extends a very warm welcome to The Association BIOM and looks forward to future cooperation. 

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